Matthew Pomeroy is fast becoming one of the most sought after magicians and mind readers in the country.

From a very early age (four), Matthew has been treading the boards of theatres all across the United Kingdom. “Show business is in my blood. My earliest memories are sitting on the floor dangerously close to the television watching the D’oily Cartes production of The Mikado. I memorised every word, every movement and every dance by the age of 4. I was obsessed!”


Matthew began by training at Chaplins Stage School from the age of 5. “I took every lesson I could, it didn’t matter to me what it was. I just wanted to be around the stage, the lights, the smoke and the music”. Matthew spent 8 years at stage school learning everything from ballet to ballroom - salsa to singing. At the age of 12 things took a sudden change of direction for Matthew when he stumbled upon a book which would (quite literally) change his life. The book in question, a simple magic book teaching easy magical methods and routines. Matthew holds fond memories of his grandma showing him card tricks when he was a little child and this sparked an interest that would last a lifetime.


Matthew continued to dance through secondary school getting an A* in both dance and drama. However, when Matthew got home from school he would spend his time lost in a book with a deck of 52 red bicycle backed playing cards firmly in his hand.


His stage show Sleight of Mind has been watched by over 100,000 people in the last 3 years. “Next year marks the start of a brand new and much more adventurous show”. It’s is time to break the boundaries and push myself even harder, I am going to take some risks” says Matthew. “I have a definite direction and aim for this show and I feel it will be an unforgettable experience”.


Natasha, was originally born in Scotland.

From a very early age she knew that working within the entertainments industry was where she wanted to be. “I just wanted to be on the stage, to me it looked so exciting and so inviting!” Natasha spent her spare time studying and practicing different elements of theatre, including acting, singing and dancing. With her ambition firmly in her mind Natasha joined a Stage School at the age of 8 years old.

Whilst attending the stage school Natasha continued to hone and practice all aspects of the arts. At the same time Natasha was chosen to perform in large musicals and dance shows. Natasha continued to perform throughout College graduating with top marks before taking her skills to University where she received a 1st Class Honors Degree in performing arts. Whilst at University Natasha thoroughly enjoyed working alongside BBC Radio as a presenter and producer. Throughout her time at University Natasha directed and choreographed many shows as well as being cast in musicals and plays. Natasha particularly found a passion for acting which came from performing in Shakespeare’s classic- As You Like It.

Her stage work continued to grow and vary but Natasha always wanted to push the limits and learn new skills and overcome new challenges. From presenting to fire breathing, stilt walking to large Zumba workshops. Natasha continues to add new skills to her repertoire. “I am just determined to learn as much as I can and utilise the skills I learn in unique and exciting ways”.

Natasha is very excited to start a brand new chapter and has spent countless hours learning and practicing many brand new effects and illusions. Her very first magic trick was performed in front of a live theatre audience!

Over the last two years Natasha has performed in countless large production shows and she has also had the pleasure of working alongside television favourites like, Paul Zerdin, Mr Maker, Justin Fletcher, Sam and Mark. Stephen Mulhern and many others!

Natasha is ready to start breaking boundaries alongside Matthew and has a focused outlook on how she wants to make her mark and leave her fingerprint on the world of magic.